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LPL was established in 1982 as a Colorado Corporation headquartered in Littleton, Colorado. We are in business to serve children (as all child care providers are), however, we developed LPL to serve all the family members as well as the individual child. We believe that the family with two working parents, or a single parent family, deserve programs that allow them to spend "quality time" with their children when they have the opportunity. Our programs and company structure are designed to maximize that concept. We offer complete programs for the child and the family member as well as many unique to LPL. Most of our facilities accept children ages 6 weeks to 12 years.


We have designed our physical plants with security in mind. Every center entrance has a gate/door that is locked by computer. Only authorized parents, guardians and staff have access to the facility beyond the lobby. Only with a code number of your choosing, will these gates/doors open. By using this individual code, children will also be logged in and out of the facility. Our schools are also equipped with intrusion and fire alarms monitored 24 hours a day. We also have closed circuit video cameras that allow management and parents the opportunity to observe any classroom and the playground at any time. Our vans/busses are equipped with safety mirrors, back-up horns and cellular phones for emergency purposes. All employees are fingerprinted and screened through the State Bureau of Investigation as well as the state Central Registry to ensure there is no history of criminal behavior or child abuse in their background.


Quality Faculty and Centers

We believe that a child can learn at any age as long as the correct approach for that individual child is used. Our caregivers are instrumental in helping the children develop language skills, emotional well-being, cognitive skills and trust in others. They realize the importance of helping the child express their independence constructively and develop a positive self-image.
We have a unique nautical design to each of our schools. Entering from the dock your eyes are drawn to the large fish tanks and nautical items designed to stimulate your child's senses such as our sea creature murals in each classroom. Even the infant and toddler rooms have fish tanks at floor level to encourage the child's curiosity.

For the fun part of your child's day, the playground offers numerous nautical themed apparatus designed to stimulate large muscle development. Other facilities include belt swings, spring toys, a basketball court, tetherball, four square and more. We also have a grass area for picnics, reading, tumbling and relaxation.


Little People's Landing Learning Center
8305 S. Wadsworth Blvd. · Littleton, CO 80128
Phone: (303) 972-0787 · Fax: (303) 972-9582 · Email:

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