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LPL offers complete programs for Infants, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers, Kindergarten, Before & After School and a Daycamp Program. Most of our facilities accept children age's 6 weeks to 12 years.


Our curriculum has been developed and fine tuned over the years. We provide the children with the basics of "learning how to learn" which provides them with a strong foundation. Equally as important, we provide each child with the socialization skills necessary for entering elementary school.

Our infants (age 6 weeks to 12 months) are cared for in a nursery designed especially for them. Separate sleep and play areas allow your infant to observe their individual daily schedules of eating, sleeping and exploring. Our Infant Nursery Supervisor supervises the activities in the nurseries ensuring the safest and healthiest care for your infant.

The pre-schooler is learning in a hands on environment where they can use their creative abilities and prepare their mental skills. We strive to teach them communication, manners, responsibility and respect. Teachers encourage the natural curiosity of three to four year olds through large and small group activities and a variety of learning centers.

Little People's Landing Learning Center - offering quality childcare childcare, infant care, daycare, preschool, kindergarten

Before and After School
We bus to and from elementary schools in the local area. Before school we provide a structured atmosphere while the children are "waking up", and an optional hot breakfast is available if they desire. After school there are activities which allow them to "wind down" from school by playing on the playground or participating in activities such as: organized sports, karate, dance, gymnastics, board games, creative projects, etc. We also provide a quiet area so the children who choose may read or do their homework. Our Sting Ray Club provides the children who sign up an opportunity to participate in programs such as roller-skating, bowling, miniature golf, etc.

Our toddler center - for children 12 months to 24 months and walking independently - is designed with your toddler in mind. Large windows allow them to observe the outdoor happenings while being closely supervised and given a chance to relate to children of their own age. Their activities include such things as painting, singing, working with shapes and colors, story time, napping, eating together and outdoor play.

Our kindergarten program is in compliance with all state requirements and is reviewed annually to ensure we are using the latest in techniques. Our teachers coordinate with the elementary schools in their school district to ensure our programs meet each schools requirements for first grade.  Currently we offer kindergarten programs at our Roxborough, Littleton, and Loveland locations.

Summer Day Camp
Little People's Landing has simply the finest day camp program for the money in the industry. We take the children on a field trip four to five days a week. These field trips range from tours through various businesses such as a bakery, dairy, etc. to hikes in the parks and swimming trips to local "swimming holes". Our "anchor" field trips which occur once a month are: an amusement park, white water (kid size) rafting, and a water park. When not on a field trip, the children spend time at a park or engaging in creative activities at the center.

Little People's Landing Learning Center - offering quality childcare childcare, infant care, daycare, preschool, kindergarten

We formally evaluate our students
twice a year. A written evaluation is
sent home with the child and is
followed with a parent-teacher
conference. Daily/weekly progress
reports are sent home with the child to
keep the parents aware of current
trends or problems their child might be

Having Fun
We believe that going to a child care center should be an enjoyable
experience as well as an educational one. To that end we have designed playgrounds that have the safety of the children at the forefront of our design as well as apparatus and play areas that exercise large and small muscle groups, enhance hand-eye coordination, fine tune motor skills, provide for both individual and group activities and provide "quiet" areas where the child who enjoys reading or story-telling can relax.


Little People's Landing Learning Center
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